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the resemblance of cas and these pixies from fairly odd parents is striking

Opps my hand slipped


Let’s play spot the difference

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This is bloody amazing

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I’ve watched the sunrise every day for two months. Heartbreak has its perks, you see, 
I enjoy the silence of the night, the sound raindrops make when they hit my window, and the pink spectrum of the sunrise every goddamn morning.

My mind explores places I didn’t know existed, dark places.
3am really is for the lonely. 
And for the sad. The rest of the world sleeps 
as it rains on my face and some girl loses her virginity to the guy she loves.

In a couple of months she too will see the sunrise every goddamn morning. 
And I’ll still be here, at 3am 
writing about the guy I love.

— thoughts at 3am (via exames)

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Downside Up // Explore // Apr 09 ‘14 || donlunzo16


Downside Up // Explore // Apr 09 ‘14 || donlunzo16

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