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Day 56: something you did as a child that other people remember you for

I think when I used to live in China (5 years old) lots of my dad’s friends remember me as that cute little kid that will insult her own father if bribed with ice cream xD 

I was fine with everything. Even now, I’d do anything if someone buys me ice cream c: 

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Day 55: a passage from a book that has touched you

“No one awakens in the morning thinking they will die that day. Not a saint or a sinner. Not even a condemned killer. We all know were mortal, and yet we all believe we’ll live forever.” 
Christopher Pike, Thirst: The Eternal Dawn

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Day 54: your definition of love

Love is love. You know when you feel it; the emotions and feelings for someone, a lover, a friend, a family member. Love exists in all forms and love is powerful. 

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Day 53: your day, in great detail

Since this post is more than 2 weeks behind, I’ll just talk about my day (June 13th, 2012) Math exam day LOL 

I got up at 9:30, took a shower and looked at my math notes for a while. Then I got dressed and went to the bus stop, where i saw Geoff and made fun of him for a bit. We both didn’t eat lunch yet so we went to DQ before going to school. We sorta studied for a while, and I ate my sundae on the bus because I’m such a slow eater =.= Went to school, saw my wiffu Emily, and we derped around for a while until we saw Anish. While waiting in line to get into the gym, I made fun of Anish a lot. I took the boring exam, and during the middle a HUGE thundering sound came and scared the crap out of everyone. It was a pretty funny experience actually. :D After the exam, I felt kinda bad since I didn’t know how to solve one of the numerical responses. I was planning on hanging out with Anish since his birthday was the day before, but it just had to be pouring rain outside. Dumb thunderstorms. I was so stupid, I didn’t bring an umbrella or even a jacket so I went home in the rain. I actually kind of liked it though. There was something about walking around in the rain… Okay so when I got home, I grabbed some blankets and curled up in the study room and watched the remaining episodes of The Legend Of Korra while drinking hot tea <3 Then at night, for some odd reason I had an urge to paint, so I started painting at 12 and stayed up until 3 xD. (it’s still not finished ;A; ) 

Yeap. That’s my day in great detail. Not much happend, but I think it was a pretty good day (besides writing an exam). 

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Day 52: if you didn’t have an age, how old would you think you were

I think if I didn’t have an age, I’d probably think I was 18. A newbie at life, but still somewhat mature. 

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Day 52: what is the most inspirational thing you’ve ever heard

"I want women and men to feel empowered by a deeper and more psychotic part of themselves. The part they’re always trying desperately to hide. I want that to become something that they cherish." ~ Lady Gaga

"I used to walk down the street like I was a star. I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be - and then to fight so hard for it that the lie becomes the truth." ~Lady Gaga

I love Lady Gaga so much. She is such an inspiration to me. Some people may think she’s just another overrated slutty american popstar, but she’s not. She’s so much more. She’s artistic, loving and honest. I love reading her quotes, reading about her life and how she inspires and becomes inspired. Her first quote is one of my favourites. I’ve never liked being the same as everyone else. I didn’t want to stand out like a freak, but I wanted to be unique. It was always that way throughout my childhood, and that’s how it will continue to be. The second quote is something that inspires me everyday. Believe in your dreams and fight for them to become reality. Lady Gaga’s words are so deep and meaningful, that they’ll always be one of my favourite quotes of all times. 

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Day 51: describe your future wedding

I don’t want to imagine it. I want it to be a complete surprise. <3

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Day 50: why you are doing this challenge

I am doing this challenge because… 

I was bored .___. 

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Day 49: are you a lover or a fighter

Depends on what you’re talking about here. If it’s about life in general, then I’m a lover and I hate violence. But if you’re talking about relationships, I tend to be the person who’s cold, bitchy and insecure so I guess I’m a fighter. 

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Day 48: your life story in three words

Art. Sleep. Taemin. <3 

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